Ibiza Tango Love is an international Argentine Tango Festival inspired in Ibiza’s magic and love.

Ibiza Tango Love Festival 2018

We live in the same hamlet, sharing dances and life, in a magical context.
Sharing the same space during five days is one of the pillars of Ibiza Tango Love.

In the mornings the Festival offers Yoga and Bridges between Tango & Tantra sessions, all with the aim of connecting with our body and energy and for the transformative joy of sharing ourselves with others.
In the afternoon you can enjoy our day Milongas by the pool and later our Tango workshops, guided by internationally renown Tango teachers. There are advance dance lessons as classes suitable for beginners.
And in the evening, after having dinner together, our playful traditional Milongas fill the Festival with colour, where dances are interspersed with shows, with the atmosphere of the bars, with Ibiza’s wonderful skies.
A great selection of Djs and musicians brings music to every situation, from meditative sounds, to contemporary world music, from modern Tango to a very refined selection of traditional Tangos.
The whole event happens by the sea which is an amazing source of power for our journey.

Ibiza.The Place

Ibiza Tango Love is happening in Club Cala Azul in Cala Lenya, in the north east of the island. It is a residential club in front of the sea and with a short walk to the beach of Cala Lenya. The club offers accommodation in double, single rooms and also apartments for four persons, plenty of spaces for our practices that we’ll transform and decorate with the taste of Ibiza Tango Love. The place is in a very natural part of the island, full of trees and with very easy access to the sea.


Ibiza Tango Love started, already eight years ago, as a meeting of friends. The friendships between the organisers and a group of students and the friendship between all the teachers that were involved in the Festival has created, from the beginning, a very special feeling. Teachers and students as part of the same family, gathering to share and enjoy Ibiza, Tango & Love.

Even though the level of professionally of all the teachers has been always very hight and the Festival has had for all the years superlative lessons, the most important aspect that bring this group of teachers together has been the level of humanity, where all the participants, students and teachers, could come to a point of harmony and closeness, empathy and kindness.

As every year we are proud to present the team of teachers of Ibiza Tango Love 8th edition:


Andres Sautel & Celeste Medina

“What we love from Tango is that is everything or nothing, precision, elegance, and over all, feeling”.


Jivan & Kiran

“What we love about Tantra is the aliveness, joy and sensitivity that it brings to our bodies and life through tools like conscious breathing, body awareness and meditation. What we love most about Tantra is that it supports us to fully live and embrace the present moment in all its vastness and mystery.”


Giulia Camponti & Betto Ibiza

“What we love from Tangois the Love that make us feel”.


Yannik Wyler & Eugenia Parrila

“What we love from Tango it is the union between the mental, the physical, the emotional and even spiritual levels.”.


Fabian Lugo & Michaela

“What we love from Tango is its infinite fascination”


Javier Antar & Patricie Porakova

“What I love about Tango is the possibility to share a dancing-embrace; knowing places and people, have fun and being able to work at the same time. And its unique power that makes dissapear distances and believes of individuals and makes the bodies of two beings melt into one, with one only beat… and all this in a few minutes…”


Ismael Ludman & Natalia Ochoa

“What we love about Tango is its infinite play, the dialog between men, women and music. And we love to be part of the world Tango community in constant evolution.


Maria Mondino & Matias Facio

“What we love about tango is the possibility of recreating a new language as a couple, taking the threads of tradition and resignifying them to account for an ever changing present … always alive and new ….”



“What I love from Tango is the connection that creates between the people and the beauty.
What I love from Yoga is that connect us with our essence and take us back home: Our heart “


A great selection of Djs and musicians brings music to every situation,from meditative sounds, to contemporary world music, from modern Tango to a very refined selection of traditional Tangos.

Carlos Libedinsky

“What I love form Tango is that is inclusive”.

Mona Isabelle

“Tango is for me a language of Love!”.

Martin Troncozo & Gino Zambelli Duo

“What we love about Tango is the catharsis we make when we we can express the energy of all the things we don‚Äôt say for prudence, frustration, our anger, our silence, our sadness and pain. We put all in Tango and after all we feel liberated, like a big weight has gone from over us”.

Danilo Caravaggio

“What I love form Tango is its energy and sweetness of heart”.

Ismael Ludman

“What I love about Tango is not only the music, which envelopes you and pushes you to dances, but also its poetry, its lyricism that transforms you, that help you travel back in time and live others people’s life. Tango is music and emotion”.

Maria Mondino

“What I love from Tango, between many things, is that is a popular expression that connect me straight to the beauty of the most refine artistic expression, from its music, poetry and dance. I love it !!!”

Ignacio Cavalieri

“What I love from Tango is its embrace that connect me with my roots”.

Hurry up to book your place for Ibiza Tango Love Festival 2018!!

Ibiza Tango Love has one complete price for the full participation to the Festival.

  • Shared Room Price:



    *5 nights accommodation in double room in Club Cala Azul (The Festival Place)
    From the 18th till the 23rd of September 2018.
    *Half board (Breakfast & dinner).
    *All the activities:
    -Mornings: Yoga, Bridges Between Tango & Tantra. Ecstatic Dance & Tantra.
    -Afternoons: Tango Workshops, Day Milongas & Practicas.
    -Evenings: All the Milongas.
    -Transfer in and out to The Gold Milonga in Atzaro (The only night we are outside Club Cala Azul to have our Milonga in one of the most wonderful and mythical places of Ibiza)

  • Single Room Price:


• The Organization of the Festival reserves the right to change the program, the list of teachers invited, without prior notice, according to possible external circumstances beyond our control. Under no circumstance can any change to the above mentioned elements lead to any compensation from the Festival.
• In order to reserve your place in the Festival you’ll need to send to the organization the amount of € 200. In the case you decide not to come the organization will keep the 50% of it as a cost or reservation.

• La organización del Festival se reserva el derecho de cambiar el programa
o la lista de maestros y artistas, sin previo aviso, de acuerdo a posibles circunstancias externas ajenas a la organización del Festival. Bajo ninguna circunstancia pueden estos posibles cambios ser motivo de compensaciones de ningún tipo por parte del Festival.
•Para realizar una reserva en el Festival deberán ser transferidos el monto de € 200 en calidad de reserva. En caso que que el participante decida no venir al Festival, la organizaciones cobrara el %50 de ese importe como gastos de reserva.


If you come to the Festival through promoter or teacher write the name here:

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