A great selection of Djs and musicians brings music to every situation,from meditative sounds, to contemporary world music, from modern Tango to a very refined selection of traditional Tangos.

Ignacio Cavalieri

«What I love from Tango is its embrace that connect me with my roots».

Maria Mondino

«What I love from Tango, between many things, is that is a popular expression that connect me straight to the beauty of the most refine artistic expression, from its music, poetry and dance. I love it !!!»

Ismael Ludman

«What I love about Tango is not only the music, which envelopes you and pushes you to dances, but also its poetry, its lyricism that transforms you, that help you travel back in time and live others people’s life. Tango is music and emotion».

Gaspare Gibaldi


Danilo Caravaggio

«What I love form Tango is its energy and sweetness of heart».

Sumire Muramoto

Tango Crew Quartet