Ibiza Tango Love started, already ten years ago, as a meeting of friends.


The friendships between the organisers and a group of students and the friendship between all the teachers that were involved in the Festival has created, from the beginning, a very special feeling. Teachers and students as part of the same family, gathering to share and enjoy Ibiza, Tango & Love.

Even though the level of professionally of all the teachers has been always very hight and the Festival has had for all the years superlative lessons, the most important aspect that bring this group of teachers together has been the level of humanity, where all the participants, students and teachers, could come to a point of harmony and closeness, empathy and kindness.

We are proud to present the team of teachers of Ibiza Tango Love 10th edition:


Andres Sautel & Celeste Medina

“What we love from Tango is that is everything or nothing, precision, elegance, and over all, feeling”.


Yanick Wyler & Eugenia Parrilla

“What we love about Tango is the union of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels”.


Maria Mondino & Ricardo Biggeri

“What we love about tango is the possibility of recreating a new language as a couple, taking the threads of tradition and resignifying them to account for an ever changing present … always alive and new ….”


Ismael Ludman & Natalia Ochoa

“What we love about Tango is its infinite play, the dialog between men, women and music. And we love to be part of the world Tango community in constant evolution.”.


Javier Antar & Patricie Porakova

“What I love about Tango is the possibility to share a dancing-embrace; knowing places and people, have fun and being able to work at the same time. And its unique power that makes dissapear distances and believes of individuals and makes the bodies of two beings melt into one, with one only beat… and all this in a few minutes…”


Hacia Ola

“What I love about Contact Improvisation is playfulness, ease and 3-dimensional dance with and in all-over-the-body.
What I love about tango is this flowing trio with the partner and music.
What I love about both is this gentle but deep connection and communication beyond the words”.


Alois Riedler

“What I love from Taichi is becoming body, becoming balanced and centered, being present…”.



“What I love from Tango is the connection that creates between the people and the beauty.
What I love from Yoga is that connect us with our essence and take us back home: Our heart “

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Sumire Muramoto & Tamai Katsuroni