We live in the same hamlet, sharing dances and life, in a magical context. Sharing the same space during five days is one of the pillars of Ibiza Tango Love.

Andres Sautel & Celeste Medina

“What we love from Tango is that is everything or nothing, precision, elegance, and over all, feeling”.

Giulia Camponti & Betto Ibiza

“What we love from Tangois the Love that make us feel”.

Yannik Wyler & Eugenia Parrila

“What we love from Tango it is the union between the mental, the physical, the emotional and even spiritual levels.”.

Fabian Lugo & Michaela

“What we love from Tango is its infinite fascination”

Javier Antar & Patricie Porakova

“What I love about Tango is the possibility to share a dancing-embrace; knowing places and people, have fun and being able to work at the same time. And its unique power that makes dissapear distances and believes of individuals and makes the bodies of two beings melt into one, with one only beat… and all this in a few minutes…”

Ismael Ludman & Natalia Ochoa

“What we love about Tango is its infinite play, the dialog between men, women and music. And we love to be part of the world Tango community in constant evolution.

Maria Mondino & Matias Facio

“What we love about tango is the possibility of recreating a new language as a couple, taking the threads of tradition and resignifying them to account for an ever changing present … always alive and new ….”

Jivan & Kiran

“What we love about Tantra is the aliveness, joy and sensitivity that it brings to our bodies and life through tools like conscious breathing, body awareness and meditation. What we love most about Tantra is that it supports us to fully live and embrace the present moment in all its vastness and mystery.”


“What I love from Tango is the connection that creates between the people and the beauty.
What I love from Yoga is that connect us with our essence and take us back home: Our heart “