«We are very proud to present the 7th edition of Ibiza Tango Love.
From the 21st till the 26th of September in Cala Lenya, Ibiza. «

This year we’ll have four couples of Tango Teachers, each couple presenting a three days intensive seminars. So each of the participants will have the possibility of living the process with two of the couples that they chose. One seminar in the first part of the week, and after a free day in the middle of the week, you’ll have another intensive seminar at the end of the week.

The seminars are organized in two types of taste or ways of experience Tango learning. We’ll have one group called: Simplicity Lovers and another group called Complexity Lovers.

The simplicity Lovers group is suitable for dancers that love to explore basic but essential details of the dance. So here, you’ll feel very comfortable as a less experience dancer and as a curious and conscious advance dancer.

The complexity Lovers group is suitable for dancers that love to explore their bodies and energy connection going close to the limits, expanding possibilities and playing with challenging and playful movements. This group is suitable for dancer with more experience as for less experience dancers that are brave enough to go for the challenge.

The simplicity lovers seminars will be guide by Ezequiel & Jessica and Maria & Ismael. The complexity lovers seminars will be guide by Rodrigo & Agustina and Kara & Javier. So you’ll choose in which grope you want to dive in.

Bruno Tombari & Rocio Lequio
Celeste Medina & Andres Sautel
Agustina Berentein & Rodrigo Palacios
Maria Mondino & Ricky Biggeri
Natalia Ochoa & Ismael Ludman

Germán Cuestas
Mariano Icasati
Maria Mondino
Martin Silva Monzon

Mirva Mäkinen (Contact Improvisation)
Jenn Rusell (Yoga)